Get Adler (commercial – director’s cut)

I directed and shot a commercial for the award-winning game, GET ADLER. The game’s creator originally said he only wanted a close up of the actress he hired to be sitting down and talking on the phone. As the director and a filmmaker I felt we could do much better than just a talking head, so we designed a set to look like an office from the time period of the game (1930’s) and I added a bit of movement and drama to the shoot.

The storyline I came up with was: Agent Gold comes back to her office so she can call Inspector Sharpe and ask for his help, but she believes she is being followed by Adler, the rogue agent. Once she is in her office she locks the door, peaks through the blinds to see if he is following her, then goes to her gun cabinet so she can protect herself before she sits down to call the Inspector.

For hours we rearranged my living room to create the 1930’s-era office, complete with pictures of the King and Prime Minister of that time and an antique tea set. I used an old leather camera bag and a leather briefcase to help hide the modern day baseboard rads. We spent hours tweaking the set so it was just right. I even researched paperclips to make sure they were invented back then before I used one to attach Adler’s photo to the file folder.

During post-production I sent my edit to the game’s creator – he requested a piece cut here and a section cut there until eventually the final commercial was just her sitting at the desk talking on the phone like he originally wanted. It’s his commercial so the client is always right, but I was quite proud of our set that no one would ever see – so here’s my “Director’s Cut” of the shoot. Enjoy.