ISBF005 – A Conversation with Craig Layton

From writer and producer on several small indie projects to acting in award-winning TV series alongside Olympia Dukakis and Sarah Paulson, Craig Layton is no stranger to working on either side of the camera.

Craig shares a lot of interesting tips that cover everything from auditioning and filmmaking, to whether or not being in the actor’s union has helped or hurt his career.

Some of the films we talk about include:

While still finding work as an actor in projects like Lizzie Borden Took an Ax, Forgive Me and Haven, Craig switched gears to producing his own web show and creating viral videos, one of which was featured by Anderson Cooper on CNN. Craig has won Faces Magazine‘s Entertainer of the Year and The Coast Magazine‘s Best of Web Series for his web series CRAIGNESS! But through it all Craig has never forgotten his guerrilla filmmaking roots and he jumped at the opportunity to work with and help student filmmakers shoot their short film, Faults of My Own.

During today’s episode you’ll discover why I have a love/hate relationship with Faults of My Own, and Craig explains why if someone asks him to send them something he has appeared in, he would send them that film.

Check out Craig’s YouTube channel here.

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Author: Kenn Crawford

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