ISBF004 – A Conversation with Filmmaker, Brett Holmes

On my very first short film I was fortunate enough to have a lot of help both in front of and behind the camera, including today’s guest, independent filmmaker, Brett Holmes.

From TV work and a web series to shooting short films and music videos, Brett shares a ton of great tips for indie filmmakers as we talk about his work and some of the challenges he’s faced, as well as lenses, how using the right lens can help you shoot better scenes, and his take on the Canon vs. Nikon debate, which DSLR camera he prefers to shoot with… and why.

on the set of Turned, a film by Brett Holmes
on the set of TURNED, a film by Brett Holmes

Brett’s original films include:

  • Man of Tar (post production)
  • Turned (2017)
  • David’s Girlfriend (2015)
  • Recollection (2014)
Mick MacDonald in MAN OF TAR, a film by Brett Holmes
Mick MacDonald in MAN OF TAR, a film by Brett Holmes

You can watch Brett’s films on his YouTube Channel

One of the areas we didn’t get to cover during the episode was his visual effects skills that Mick MacDonald and I talked about on Episode 2, but Brett and I did talk about Jessica ‘Cyanide’ Chapman and the amazing practical FX makeup she created for Turned and Man of Tar.

Canon or Nikon? It’s still an ongoing debate and there is no right or wrong answer as to which is better, but Brett explains some of the differences he’s found between the two, which DSLR camera he prefers and why.

Looking for a DSLR camera to shoot your movie? On the show we talk about the Canon 5D and the Nikon D7000 – both are excellent cameras and when paired with the right glass (aka Lens) you can capture some amazing footage.

Brett has worked on a variety of projects with some talented people including Hank White, Pasha Ebrahimi, Michael G. MacDonald, Stephanie Steele, Nate O’Brian, Dean Thompson, and many more. Plus, Brett shares some exciting news about his film, Turned. Hint: It involves BodyBag Films.

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Author: Kenn Crawford

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